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In July of 1999, JTV Manufacturing, Inc. began operations in the town of Sutherland, Iowa -- a community which warmly welcomed it.  The men who began the company had worked closely together for several years before deciding to form JTV and combine their expertise, strong work ethic, and high standards.

Since its inception in 1999, JTV has grown rapidly, in the size of its facilities, the size of its workforce, and in the number of services the company offers its customers.  These services include custom laser cutting, machining, metal-forming, welding, and saw capabilities.  In addition to these in-house services, JTV also works closely with area paint specialists and other local companies to provide you with a complete product and complete satisfaction.

JTV's customers represent a wide variety of businesses.  The company processes parts for construction equipment, industrial equipment, food processing, agricultural, transportation equipment, and many other types of industry.   JTV Manufacturing does much of its business with other companies in the Midwest, but also makes parts that are shipped all over the world.

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