Aerial photograph of JTV manufacturing laser cutting facility

Since 1999, JTV Manufacturing has grown into a premier provider of manufacturing services, including custom CNC machining, metal forming, welding, sawing, and laser cutting. We also work with paint specialists and local partners to provide a turnkey solution that meets complete customer satisfaction.

Our regional location in Sioux Falls, SD is open for your laser cutting needs. Learn more about our laser cutting capabilities, the industries we serve, and how you’ll benefit from working with us. Then, explore the other areas we serve.

Our Laser Cutting Services

Our state-of-the-art laser cutting services involve directing CNC-guided, high-powered lasers to make precision cuts of various thicknesses, angles, and depths. The process uses optics and motion control systems that follow a G-code to create the cut.

From our 85,000-square-foot facility, we can cut materials up to 80 by 160 inches and 1¼ inches thick. Our laser cutting machines can work with a variety of metals, such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys.

Laser Cutting Equipment

We invest in the best laser cutting equipment to ensure the highest level of quality for our customers, no matter how demanding their industry is. Our Sioux Falls facility is outfitted with the following laser-cutting equipment:

  • Mitsubishi GX-F Advanced Series Model ML4020GX-F100
  • Mitsubishi Electric ML4020 RX-F80
  • Bystronic 6000-Watt Laser Center
  • Bystronic 4400-Watt Laser Centers
  • Mazak 4000-Watt Laser Centers
  • Mazak 2500-Watt Laser Centers
  • Esab Avenger XP2 ST-36 Multi-Head Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Table
  • Mazak 2500-Watt 3-D Fabri Gear 150

Many of these machines have load/unload systems that can automatically load materials, unload parts, and start the next component without requiring manual intervention. The result is an extremely smooth and efficient workflow, meaning much shorter lead times for our customers.

Industries We Serve

Companies in these industries rely on us to deliver high-quality laser cutting and fabrication services:

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture

Work With JTV Manufacturing, Inc. for Laser Cutting Services Near Sioux Falls

JTV Manufacturing’s team of experts in sheet metal fabrication, research and development, and engineering allows us to fulfill our customers’ exact needs on time, every time. Our superior work ethic and ambition enable us to meet these objectives:

  • Fast turnaround times that surpass that of other manufacturers
  • Craftsmanship that meets or exceeds even the tightest tolerances and industry certification standards
  • Finished products that exceed our customers’ quality and delivery expectations
  • Reasonable yet profitable pricing to stay competitive
  • Being a company where employees are proud to work

Contact JTV Manufacturing

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