Tubes can be challenging to cut with traditional mechanical methods; cutting tools can pinch, crimp, or otherwise deform metal tubes. Even if the structural integrity of the tube’s inner dimensions are maintained, the cut edge can be ragged and misshapen. Other cutting processes like laser cutting and water jet cutting create cuts without that associated mechanical damage.

Laser cutting, in particular, is precise, reliable, and creates cleanly cut edges for tubes of any material and thickness. Learn more about how laser-cutting services can streamline the design and production of tube-based products, the services we offer at JTV Manufacturing, and how to get started with your next tube manufacturing project.

What Are Tubes Used For?

Tubes are used for several applications across the manufacturing and industry sectors. Unlike pipes, which almost always have round profiles, tubes come in a wide variety of circular, rectangular, triangular, and other shapes. Tubes are also used for structural or decorative components, rather than for fluid transportation systems like pipes. Because of this, tubes are generally classified by their shape and outside diameter (rather than inner diameter). Some of the most common uses for tubes include medical devices, construction and architectural elements, railings, mechanical engineering, and more.

Why Use Lasers for Tube Cutting?

Why Use Lasers for Tube Cutting infographic

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Manufacturers increasingly prefer laser-based tube cutting over traditional mechanical processes because of the fine-tuned control the technique gives operators. Laser-cutting tools can create extremely precise cuts, ensuring that the tubes are cut to exact specifications within tight tolerances. Very little of the material is cut or wasted during the cutting process, making the laser cutting efficient along with precise.

Lasers can also do more than cut tubes into separate pieces of different lengths. Lasers can be used to cut notches, “drill” holes for fasteners, and create asymmetrical cuts that turn fabricated tubes into unique, intricate parts. Lasers can even provide etching functions to ensure each laser-cut pipe part is permanently identifiable.

Because laser cutting doesn’t present any risk of damaging the structural integrity of the metal material, it’s uniquely beneficial for tubes that are used as structural components in construction applications, medical devices, and safety equipment.

When you work with a laser-cutting professional who can provide all of the manufacturing and machining capabilities to complete a project, you and your customers benefit from a simplified supply chain. There are fewer delays, complications, or miscommunications that could otherwise require extended lead times. Laser-cutting services fit seamlessly into processing and production stages so you and your customers have the final products faster.

Tube Laser-Cutting Capabilities at JTV Manufacturing

At JTV Manufacturing, we excel at providing precision laser tube-cutting services for tubes of any cross-sectional shape, size, or thickness. We can work with an array  of metals ranging from carbon steels and stainless steels to titanium and aluminum. We work with tubes that have a maximum envelope of 6” and a wall thickness up to ½”.

Along with laser-cutting capabilities, we provide in-house CNC milling, cutting, and welding services for complete tube fabrication management.

MAZAK 2500 Watt 3-D Fabri Gear 150

At our 85,000 square foot facility, we have a MAZAK 2500 watt laser center capable of handling tubes with dimensions of up to 6” x 6” x ½” wall. This laser system can precisely cut through these metal substrates:

  • Carbon steels up to 6” envelope and ½” wall

Turn to JTV Manufacturing for Tube Laser-Cutting Services

At JTV Manufacturing, our team of laser tube-cutting experts are here to help with your next tube fabrication and manufacturing project. We’ve specialized in laser cutting, machining, and precision manufacturing for over 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote to start discussing what you need for your next project. We provide turnkey manufacturing solutions with precision work.