Laser Cut Part Delivery

JTV prides itself on its ability to produce quality parts on a timeline that meets our customers’ needs. This is one of the reasons JTV owns its own fleet of trucks: We can deliver parts any time our customers need them. JTV has also negotiated great delivery rates with third-party carriers.

  • (1) Freightliner Semi Tractors
  • (1) 2006 Peterbilt Semi Tractors
  • (1) 2009 Volvo Semi Tractors
  • (1) F-550 Super Duty Flat Bed
  • (1) 53′ Drop Deck Flat Bed Trailer
  • (2) 53′ Enclosed Van Trailers
  • (1) 48′ Drop Deck Flat Bed Trailer
  • (1) 34′ Gooseneck Trailer
  • (1) 16′ Flat Bed Trailer

Considerations For Delivering Cut Metal Parts

Delivering large laser-cut parts requires quality control and special attention to the right packaging. JTV’s laser cutting service professionals evaluate laser-cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal parts for the right packaging based on their size, the industry, the end user, and the final destination, including whether the trip will be via our own fleet or a third-party shipping company.

We work with our customers to determine whether bulk parts, knock-downs, or assembled components make the most sense to deliver. While JTV can often send partially assembled items, it’s important to assess whether final assembly at delivery is convenient for the customer or end user.

Using the correct packaging protects metal parts against bending, scratching, and corrosion. If each part must be wrapped individually to protect it, JTV’s expert technicians will do what’s required. This is an important step in our quality control process as well, where we can once again inspect metal parts during packaging. We consider the best routes to take both for rapid delivery and to avoid any issues with oversized parts that may need additional clearance.

Cut Metal Part Delivery Best Practices

Many companies may be able to offer laser cutting services with no issues, but they may lack the capability to properly package these parts for shipping, resulting in dings, dents, or scratches upon arrival. Here are three best practices to which JTV adheres in our efforts to bring customers flawless metal parts.

1. Properly Package Parts

We use materials that will not only safeguard against surface damage to parts but will also prevent corrosion that may occur when environmental moisture contacts the metal during shipping. Protective packaging may be as simple as sheets of paper between parts, or it could require foam or plastic wrapping, cardboard or plastic separators, molded paper pulp or paper fill, and special bags or coatings to prevent damage. If humidity or condensation are concerns, we can also include desiccants that reduce moisture.

2. Properly Secure Shipping Containers

Once the parts are packaged correctly, they must be secured inside the truck or shipping container. If parts are to be put on pallets or in stacked boxes for shipment, those containers must be strong enough to provide support and protect the metal parts inside. Specifically, pallets are designed so they can be easily moved by forklift, both for ease in preparing the shipment and for transport when they reach the customer’s shop or warehouse.

3. Label Packages Correctly

Even if metal parts are being delivered within the same city, it’s important to label each package in a way that supports logistics at the destination. For us, these labels will at least contain JTV’s company information, the destination address, a description of the part(s), and any specific handling instructions. We can include part numbers and tracking numbers to assist with our customers’ inventory control as needed.

Areas We Deliver To

JTV’s laser-cut metal parts are distributed around the globe, but our location in the U.S. Midwest makes us a reliable contract manufacturer for local customers in:

  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Sioux City, IA
  • Waterloo, IA
  • Omaha, NB
  • Sioux Falls, SD

JTV can also deliver via our own fleet of trucks to states outside our immediate area, including:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin

Laser Cut Part Delivery by JTV

The best laser cut services are not successful if the final parts don’t arrive in perfect condition and on time. JTV’s laser cut part delivery is an important reason to work with us and an excellent way to improve your company’s logistics.

We welcome inquiries about our delivery services and how we can assist you with all your laser cut part needs. Contact us or request a quote today.