JTV Manufacturing offers state-of-the-art laser cutting services for customers in a variety of demanding industries. Founded in 1999, JTV focuses on delivering world-class quality at competitive prices. Our quick turnaround times allow us to meet tight Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery demands for contract manufacturing and short run production needs.

Based out of our 85,000-square-foot production facility in Iowa, JTV is capable of working with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials up to a maximum thickness of 1¼-inch steel with maximum dimensions of 80 inches by 160 inches. Our expert laser cutting capabilities contribute to our ability to offer turnkey manufacturing services that meet all your metal and custom steel fabrication needs.

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Laser Cutting Equipment at JTV Manufacturing

Laser Cutting Equipment

Mitsubishi GX-F Advanced Series Model ML4020GX-F100

  • Working material thickness can range from 1/16” to 1
  • Operators can switch between sheet material of different thicknesses quickly and without compromising cutting quality.
  • Piercing time is reduced by as much as 60 percent, making it possible to pierce a 25-mm-thick mild steel within 0.8 seconds.

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Mitsubishi Electric ML4020 RX–F80

  • 72” x 160” Bed
  • 1” thick steel
  • 1” thick stainless steel
  • 1” thick steel
  • MSCV Smart Flex Rapid Tower
    • 8 loading beds
    • 6,000 pound capacity

Bystronic 6000 Watt Laser Center

with Load/Unload System

  • 60” x 120” bed
  • 1-1/4” thick steel
  • 5/8” thick stainless steel
  • 1/2” thick aluminum

Bystronic 4400 Watt Laser Centers

with Load/Unload System

  • 80” x 160” bed
  • 1-1/8” thick steel
  • 1/2” thick stainless steel
  • 3/8” thick aluminum

Mazak 4000 Watt Laser Centers

with Load/Unload System

  • 60” x 120” bed
  • 1” thick steel
  • 1/2” thick stainless steel
  • 3/8” thick aluminum

Mazak 2500 Watt Laser Centers

with Load/Unload System

  • 60” x 120” bed
  • 3/4” thick steel
  • 3/8” thick stainless steel
  • 1/4” thick aluminum

ESAB Avenger XP2 ST-36 multi-head oxy-fuel/plasma table

  • 14’ x 54’ water table
  • 1-1/4” thick steel with high-def plasma
  • 2” thick steel with standard plasma
  • 8” thick steel with oxy fuel

Mazak 2500 Watt 3-D Fabri Gear 150

  • 6” Round & Square Tubes
  • Maximum work piece weight of #727
  • Maximum work piece length of 315”
  • 5 Axis cutting head

Advantages of Laser Cutting

Advantages Of Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting offers fast and accurate cutting capabilities to meet demanding production requirements. At JTV, our laser cutters offer close-tolerance cuts with high repeatability. The main advantages of our laser cutting services include:

  • Versatility. The versatility of laser cutting enables JTV to meet a variety of client needs. Our skilled craftsmen can precisely cut numerous material types for a variety of profiles without exchanging tools for different cuts. Laser cutters can handle precision cuts and complex angles with ease.
  • Accuracy. In comparison with other thermal cutting methods, laser cutting provides incredibly accurate cuts that satisfy even the most stringent demands for precision. While tolerances will vary depending on the thickness of the material, our laser cutting capabilities at JTV cut without the need for additional finishing or secondary processes.. Additionally, laser cutting results in a small heat affected zone (HAZ), which refers to the ancillary material of the workpiece that can undergo changes as a result of its exposure to the higher temperatures required for cutting. With a minimal HAZ, laser cutting produces more reliable and predictable parts.
  • Value. The many advantages of laser cutting allow JTV to offer maximum value to our customers. Due to the high degree of automation involved in this process, the need for human intervention is greatly minimized. Our experienced operators use their time to supervise and direct the overall quality of the process, but the equipment performs the bulk of the work to reduce overall labor costs. Compared with mechanical cutting methods, the contactless nature of laser cutting facilitates longer runs with less maintenance and tooling replacement to mitigate equipment-related costs.
  • Speed. Perhaps the most important advantage of laser cutting is its ability to provide faster turnarounds than traditional mechanical cutting methods, even on complex cuts. Laser cutting is also faster than other thermal cutting methods, such as plasma cutting and flame cutting, on materials with a thickness lower than 10 mm.

About JTV Manufacturing

Located in Sutherland, Iowa, JTV Manufacturing is a U.S. contract manufacturer focused on providing precision, excellence and integrity in our sheet metal laser cutting services. JTV also offers CNC milling, CNC brake and saw, and welding services, allowing us to provide turnkey fabrication services on many orders. We also operate our own delivery fleet, enabling us to guarantee shipping capacity and deliver parts when you need them. To see how our laser cutting services or other fabrication capabilities can benefit your project, please contact us or request a quote today.