Introduction: About Laser Cutting in Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids, IA, stands as a hub of technological prowess, where laser cutting—a process that deftly employs a high-powered laser—flourishes. From industrial fabrication to the finesse of artistic etching, the city’s manufacturing landscape is revolutionized by this precision-driven technique. JTV Manufacturing, a cornerstone of Iowa manufacturers, exemplifies this revolution.

Since 1999, our expansion in facility size, workforce, and service variety, including custom machining and laser cutting, mirrors Cedar Rapids’s rise as a center of innovation. Here, laser cutters near Cedar Rapids, IA, aren’t just tools—they’re the pulse of a thriving manufacturing Iowa sector, shaping materials and dreams with equal finesse.

Whether for cutting, boring, or creating intricate designs, our laser technology encapsulates Cedar Rapids’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Our Laser Cutting Equipment

At the heart of our laser cutting services in Cedar Rapids, IA, is our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project.

Mitsubishi GX-F Advanced Series Model ML4020GX-F100

Elevating cutting precision, our Mitsubishi GX-F Advanced Series swiftly changes between different material thicknesses. It pierces 25-mm steel in under 0.8 seconds, optimizing efficiency for materials from 1/16” to 1” thick, thus embodying speed without sacrificing quality, perfect for high-variety projects.

Mitsubishi Electric ML4020 RX-F80

The Mitsubishi Electric ML4020 RX-F80 is tailored for substantial tasks with its 72” x 160” bed, confidently handling steel up to 1” thick. The integrated high-capacity Smart Flex Rapid Tower streamlines operations, ensuring relentless productivity.

Bystronic 4400 Watt Laser Center

Our Bystronic 4400 Watt Laser Center is a paragon of adaptability, accommodating a wide material range on its 80” x 160” bed. Precision cutting of up to 1⅛” mild steel, ⅜” aluminum, and ½” stainless steel is its hallmark, guaranteeing versatility and quality.

Bystronic 6000 Watt Laser Center

The Bystronic 6000 Watt Laser Center, with a 60” x 120” bed, specializes in handling dense materials, offering meticulous cuts in 1¼” steel, ½” aluminum, and ⅝” stainless steel. Its load/unload system exemplifies efficiency, reinforcing our commitment to productivity.

Mazak Laser Centers

Mazak Laser Centers, including 2500 and 4000-watt models, offer bespoke precision across a spectrum of thicknesses, up to 1” in steel. The 2500 Watt’s 3-D prowess is ideal for complex shapes, enhancing our technological versatility.

ESAB Avenger XP2 ST-36 Multi-Head Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Table

Our ESAB Avenger XP2 ST-36 dominates with a 14’ x 54’ water table, tackling up to 2” steel with plasma, and 8” with oxy-fuel. It’s designed for high-definition precision in heavy-duty applications, ensuring both strength and accuracy.

Industries Served

Our laser cutting services cater to a broad spectrum of industries, reflecting the versatility and adaptability of our technology:

  • Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Equipment

Laser Cutting Services by JTV Manufacturing In Cedar Rapids, IA

Manufacturing in Cedar Rapids, IA, JTV shines as a beacon of quality and innovation in laser cutting. Beyond mere material cutting, we’re in the business of devising bespoke solutions attuned to the distinctive requirements of our clients. With our suite of advanced equipment and the expertise of our seasoned team, we stand ready to embrace projects of any scale and intricacy.

If you’re looking for laser cutters near Cedar Rapids, IA, look no further than JTV Manufacturing, where precision meets craftsmanship. Our capabilities extend from precise industrial parts to ornate artistic designs, ensuring a full spectrum of service.

For a conversation about your specific laser cutting needs or to commence your project, connect with our dedicated team. Take the first step towards precision engineering by requesting a free quote today.